ESafety Workshop 8th March


Thank you to all those who attended our E-safety workshop. We were really pleased with the attendance (74 people in all: 56 children, 11 mums, 1 dad, 2 grandparents, 4 staff & 1 Governor). Judging from the feedback we received, this was a very useful session (see below):

"Emily and I really enjoyed our afternoon with you on Tuesday. Thank you for inviting us to work with your school community. I was so impressed with the honesty and maturity of your children. It was a powerful session." ~ Julia (session leader)

Feedback from parents/carers at the event:

Very useful information given. A lot of questions answered. Thank you.

Brilliant session! Really informative, feel like I have a bit more awareness of my child’s online life. Think it will be good to open up discussion as she was part of the session. Not confident at all with all the online stuff but will be having a go with the ‘blocking apps’ and the websites provided are really helpful.

Very good sessions and very informative. Some very useful websites to help keep kids safe.

Thanks to Julia I am a lot more in-tune with how to keep my sons safe online. I was impressed with how “in the know” she was and will use some of the points mentioned. Great workshop. Very informal. Child orientated and adult. Thank you.

 Please – more training – less hurried.

 Excellent and informative and clear understandable instruction.

 Hope it can run in all schools and parents groups. Lovely lessons.

 Learnt a lot. Thank you.

Good workshop. Learnt a lot. Would have like more time to help me with parental controls and guidance for parents with online accounts.

A good 2 hours well spent.

This was very informative, although I know some of the information other parts were very helpful. I am a kinetic learner though so am worried I’ll forget how to do things when I get home. Good to have the links as well. Thank you very much.

Very helpful to me (a complete technophobe).

As you can see, this wasn't time wasted! Look out for further sessions in the future.