School Council

Our School Council is made up of two pupil representatives from each of our year groups, from year one to six.

The main roles of Chair and Secretary are taken by our older children but all of the the other year group representatives also have an important part to play. 

Our School Councillors listen to ideas presented by the other School Council members and voice their own views or those of their class. They also inform their class about decisions that have been made by the School Council.

School Council Elections

During the first week of each autumn term, any children interested in taking on the role of School Council are asked to produce an election manifesto to explain why they are the best person for the job.

The manifestoes are shared in class on Election Day and the candidates try to persuade their peers to vote for them. Ballot papers completed in an official secret ballot are overseen by our returning officer. The winning candidates are announced and they hold the post for the year.

What do we talk about?

In our fortnightly school council meetings we discuss ideas to help the staff improve the school. We also consider any notes posted in the listening box and try our best to sort them out. We are the pupils' voice on issues that affect the school.

The school council have created a suggestions box which children can put their suggestions into or any concerns they don't wish heard out loud.

To find out what we are currently investigating, please have a look at the School Council board or just ask your class councillor!