School Uniform

Taking a pride in yourself; our dress code


We feel strongly that wearing full uniform encourages a sense of pride in oneself as well as a sense of community. It is therefore a requirement that full uniform is always worn at Bedmond Academy and we request mums/dads and carers to support us with this ensuring that your child maintains a high standard of appearance throughout the year.


  • Grey skirt/trousers (not jeans).
  • Blue/white check dress (summer term).
  • White polo top.
  • Navy blue cardigan/sweatshirt.
  • White/navy socks/tights.
  • Hair accessories must be discreet and Bedmond blue (hair coloured bands are also acceptable).


  • Grey trousers.
  • Grey shorts (summer).
  • White polo top.
  • Navy blue school sweatshirt.
  • Grey/black socks.

Girls and Boys

  • Sensible black shoes for outdoors (no trainers).
  • Wellington boots for outdoor learning.

Hair should be neat and in a style appropriate for primary school. Dyeing, highlighting, extravagant styling and shaved patterns are considered inappropriate and are not permitted in school. Boys may use a small amount of hair gel on the top part of their hair only.

For health and safety reasons, no jewellery of any kind may be worn. If your child wants their ears pierced, please wait until the long summer holiday.

P.E. Kit (unisex)

  • Black/Navy shorts.
  • School P.E. shirt.
  • Pair of trainers for outdoor P.E. lessons.
  • Navy blue/black tracksuits are advised for outdoor P.E./sports activities in winter.
  • Optional: football boots and socks for football lessons. Shin pads may be worn by older children involved in football matches/training sessions.