The children are selected to represent one of our three houses. These are Colne (blue), Gade (red) and Chess (green) - all named after local rivers. Each house has a captain and vice-captain from Year 6 who support their younger members.

House points are awarded for excellent work or learning behaviours. Pupils receive individual recognition for each house point gained as well as having their contribution displayed on their class record in their classroom. These are then collected each week by the housecaptains and announced in assembly. The house with the highest number of housepoints at the end of each term are rewarded with a non-uniform day as well as having their colours displayed on the house point trophy.


House Competitions
House competitions are held every half term. These competitions are based around Sport, Literacy, Maths, Art, indeed, any curriculum area! All children are given a chance to compete and become the champion for their house.