We are always proud of anyone who has achieved well and love to share their success with others! Here are just a few of the ways we reward success:
Achievement stickers
Children can be rewarded with an achievement sticker for their work, effort or behaviours. They are awarded with certificates for the 25, 50, 75 milestones and their families are invited to a special assembly if they achieve 100/200.
During our weekly sharing assemblies the pupils receive certificates for academic work, sport, music and art.
Golden Tickets
Golden Tickets are given to children who demonstrate positive behaviours; this could be for being polite, being helpful, being kind...the list is endless! During our Monday assembly a Golden Ticket is drawn out of our drum and the winning child is awarded with our special Bedmond pencil and gets to sit on our special golden throne during the rest of the assembly.
Please see Housepoint tab.
Golden Book
Children are nominated for the Golden Book if they produce an exceptional piece of work or demostrate excellent learning behaviours. Not only do these children have their name recorded in our special book but they are recognised in the following celebration assembly.
Attendance awards
Attendance certificates and badges are awarded termly for all pupils with 100% attendance or improved attendance. Bronze awards are given to any pupils achieving 100% attendance for one term, silver for two terms and gold for the whole year.
Each week the class with the best attendance record is announced in assembly and the class is rewarded with a certificate and the honour of looking after Attendance Ted for the whole of the next week.